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Fengshui Tips Before You Buy the Next Home 2020

Posted by dave lee on May 10, 2020
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Learn these useful Fengshui tips before you buy your next house.  Buying a house is always exciting and tiring sometimes.

You may or may not find your ideal home in the first few viewings and it is good to have a couple of Fengshui basic tips before you sink in that investment.

Why Read About Fengshui Tips?

A house with good Fengshui can give you peace of mind as the house promotes good energy and generally remove obstacles and challenges.  Afterall, a house with ideal Fengshui not only gives you positive energy, it is also easier to sell when you intend to upgrade your house next time.

Before you buy a house, you want to ensure that the location of the house is ideal.  Read more about our basic Fengshui tips That we have prepared for you.

For example, you do not want to buy a basement home and stay underground.  You may want to choose a place with good ventilation, with ample sunlight coming into the house.

A house without any sunlight is dark and dim, and this makes the interior of the house damp, which promotes bacterial growth.

Fengshui tips are just guidelines.  End of the day, you need also consider other factors when buy a house.

Welcoming Front Door

Most Fengshui master place certain emphasis on the direction of the house main door.  The main door is where the house welcomes the energy, and you will want to buy a house where the main door direction is suitable for you.

However, if the direction of the door is not ideal and you really like all other parts of the house, consider talking to your Fengshui master to see if any minor renovation works can be done to realign the direction of your main door.

Before you plan a renovation, you may also want to have these considerations:

  • Are you blocked by a wall when you enter the house
  • Is there a staircase facing the front door
  • Is there a staircase facing the bathroom
  • Is there a bathroom right above your main door

The Right Direction

fengshui tips with bagua map readingThe Bagua has 8 directions and you can use the Bagua to find the desired compass directions.  To find out the direction of your house, take the compass reading from the front door.

The front door refers to the main door, the door that is most frequently used by the family to enter and leave the house.

You can define the Bagua of the house easily when you have the house facing.  When you combine both Bagua and fengshui to your house, you are creating a positive, strong flow of energy into the house.

Using Bagua To Fill The Missing Elements

We can enhance the weak or missing elements of the house with Fengshui solutions.  The missing area is the spot where there is incomplete or weak energy in the certain spot of the house.

You can use elements like crystals, paintings, flowers and more to fill in the missing gaps to improve the elements on these weaker spots.

How To Apply Fengshui Tips with Bagua

The Western Bagua map is much easier to define as you only need the floor plan space.

Today, we will only use the Western Bagua map to prevent any confusion.  Unlike the traditional Fengshui school for Bagua, compass directions are not taken into consideration for today’s discussion.

Western Bagua is easy and simple to apply.  Simply lay the lower end of the Bagua grid against the main door wall.


  1. You can print the 9 squares grid and fit it over your floorplan.
  2. Superimpose the grid by aligning the front door with the bottom row of the grid
  3. Assign each of the Fengshui areas into the squares.

Now you have mapped out the individual areas of the Fengshui sector according to the grid.  You can shift the furniture around or buy suitable objects to fill in the missing elements.

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